Pipeño País Coronel de Maule


Farmer: Raúl Pérez. 100% Pais from organic, dry-farmed bush vines 200 to 300 years old on iron-rich heavy clay soils with granite and quartz in the Coronel del Maule sub-zone of the Maule region. The bunches are harvested by hand and manually destemmed using a traditional zaranda; fermented spontaneously with indigenous yeasts in open wooden lagares; and aged briefly in in large wooden tanks called pipas (from which the name “pipeño” is derived), with part of it aged 2 months in stainless steel and clay tinajas.  Perez does a saignée to concentrate the red. The wine receives a very small amount of sulfur and a gentle filtration before bottling in liters.

The Coronel del Maule is easily the smokiest of the Luyt pipeños with a distinctly agave-like vegetal quality. Bruised strawberry and stewed cranberry fruit lend a bit of juiciness to soften up this robust, more tannic País.

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País (Mission)
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