Régnié Sans Soufre (Barbet)


The Régnié comes from Tour Bourdon, a very special plot of old vines. This vineyard is noteworthy for its soil- sandy and laced with purple granite, with excellent drainage- as well as the age of its vines (60-70 years old) which natrually keeps yields low. The age of the vines also means small grapes, which in turn means a higher juice-to-skin ratio, giving a more concentrated and structured wine. The site has a southern exposure.  Since whole clusters are used during fermentation, the grapes are harvested late to avoid unripe stems. Whole-clusters are put into the vats, and the weight of the grapes naturally crushes the fruit at the bottom of the tank, resulting in a traditional semi-carbonic maceration.  Fermentation starts naturally from the ambient yeasts on the berries. The vats are covered to keep some CO2, but not sealed. Fermentation goes slowly at about 3 weeks total, and then the wines are aged in cement vats and kept on the lees. The lees have a reductive quality and help to preserve the wine naturally. No sulfites are added to this wine at any point during the fermentation, aging or bottling process.

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