Riesling Kabinett Steinacker


One of the very few wines with sweetness produced at Koehler-Ruprecht, and a predictably fine one! Steinacker translates to the "stony acre,” a sandstone+loess site characterized by pebbly rocks. Its borders were over-expanded for political purposes (like many famous sites) by the 1971 law, but Koehler-Ruprecht owns the original, high-quality heart of it. Spontaneously fermented on natural yeast and aged exclusively in stuck (1200L) and halbstuck (600L) = large old barrels.

Vivacious and intensely delicious with a ramrod-straight spine and terrific chalk/talc mineral aromas that follow through on the palate. Sugars are modest as always (feinherb at under 25g/l), but the ripeness is all there, resulting from golden grapes at harvest. “True Kab,” as the pundits say, which is no mean feat to achieve in the Pfalz. There are only about 180 cases of this in existence, so do what you have to do to secure some.

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