Riesling Kabinett Trocken Deidesheimer Herrgottsacker 12/1L


A liter of the raciest, most energetic and appealingly mineralische Riesling imaginable.

That unique Pfalzer character—a fat, sunny, mouthfilling style—shines through in a completely dry yet ultra-ripe-fruited wine. Seashells blasts out of the nose along with high toned citrus and orange oil. This vineyard is the largest in Deidesheim, partly flat and partly sloped at a 20% grade, southeast facing and composed of sandy clay and red sandstone with loam topsoils and small amounts of scattered limestone. In our experience it makes terrific dry wines with crazy high acids and tensile strength. This interpretation from Kimich, a small, traditional, 8th generation estate, is an absurd value in the liter bottle (33% more wine)! 12% alcohol. Limited production.

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