Riesling Trocken Batterieberg


The namesake vineyard of the estate, a Grand Cru created by blasting the toweringly steep cliff face to rubble in the 1840s. Grey slate, thin topsoil, perfect exposition, extremely old, pre-phylloxera vines on their original rootstock, and a legendary history makes this one of the living treasures of German wine. Hand-harvested and aged in barrel, like all of Gernot’s top wines. Released late.

95 points
"From 80-year-old, ungrafted vines on gray slate with quartzite soils in the upper terraces of the cru, the 2017 Enkircher Batterieberg Riesling offers a super clear, fine, elegant, crystalline and deep bouquet with the open heart of a Condrieu. The nose is fabulously aromatic, intense, seamless and textured! Lush and round on the highly refined and elegant palate, the wine offers very fine tannins, lingering mineral freshness and crunchy salinity. This is a beautiful Riesling that did not ferment fully dry, stopping at 10.7 grams per liter of residual sugar. Gernot Kollmann wishes the wine would have fermented to fully dry, but as always, he didn't force it. However, the wine is beautifully ripe, lush and also balanced and will integrate its charming sweetness over the years. The sugar doesn't take anything away from the precision and terroir expression and will help the wine to age beautifully over at least a decade. I very much recommend this beauty. Tasted in March 2019."
Stephan Reinhardt,
Wine Advocate
, June 2019

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