Riesling Trocken Batterieberg “R” Reserve


The namesake vineyard of the estate, a Grand Cru created by blasting the toweringly steep cliff face to rubble in the 1840s. Grey slate, thin topsoil, perfect exposition, extremely old, pre-phylloxera vines on their original rootstock, and a legendary history makes this one of the living treasures of German wine. Hand-harvested and aged in barrel, like all of Gernot’s top wines. 

95 points
"The 2016er Enkircher Batterieberg Réserve comes f rom over 80 year -old un-graf ted vines in the terraced part of the vineyard and was fermented to legally dry levels (it has 7 g/l of residual sugar). It offers a gorgeous nose of white peach, vineyard peach, ginger and spices. The wine proves gorgeously playful and elegant on the palate and leaves a stunning feel of spices and whipped cream. The aftertaste is creamy, precise and seemingly endless. This is easily one of the f inest dry Riesling f rom the great 2016 vintage! 2027-2042"
Mosel Fine Wine
, Issue #43

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