Riesling Winninger Uhlen R


This is truly viticulture on the edge of possibility. The Uhlen Rothlay ("R" is for Rothlay = "red slate") is a towering wall of rock pitched between Winningen and Kobern at the northernmost reach of the Mosel river before it spills into the Rhein at Koblenz. Hard slate and red sandstone define the geology, but every color of the slate rainbow can be found in these heterogeneous soils. 

According to the Knebels, "Uhlen wines have a metallic minerality running through them, often almost a salty hardness, which becomes milder as the wine matures in bottle. Uhlen Rieslings need time to express themselves fully...." I would add that the red slate of the Rohtlay contributes, as it does in all its Mosel Valley incarnations, a certain warmth and kaleidoscopic floral aroma to the finished wine. The 2012 Uhlen R is the most complex, densely structured, austerely dry, and assuredly long-lived wine of the vintage at Weingut Knebel. 

There is very little of this wine in the United States. 

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