Riesling Zobinger Heiligenstein Erste Lage


The Heiligenstein is legendary for its Rieslings – and justifiably so! Its unusual geological formation offers the best preconditions for the aristocratic white grape variety: meagre, weathered, red desert sand- stone is veined with volcanic conglomerate from the Permian period. A nature reserve and unique microclimate provide remarkable biodiversity above ground: dry mountain grasslands between the vine rows with Mediterranean flora and fauna. Grapes that have achieved perfect ripeness and are botrytis-free are selected by hand and brought to the winery in small crates. The grapes are gently pressed and macerated cold for a few hours before being fermented spontaneously and then matured on the fine lees in 2000 litre wooden casks in a 700-year-old natural underground temperature at 11°C (52°F). The terraced south and southwest facing slope has a unique geological history that has been preserved in this particular area. The outcropping bedrock consists of a reddish-brown sandstone with a high feldspar content, coarse conglomerates, and minor siltstone. These sediments formed approximately 250-280 million years ago under arid conditions, in lakes ponds, and ephemeral rivers. The rocks contain fossilized plants and gravels with clasts of volcanic rhyolites. Loess is only preserved in a few locations, within shallow depressions. 

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