Rosario Tobaziche & Madre Cuixe



From Santa Catarina Minas. Agaves are T- 18yrs wild and MC-14yr cultivated. After an 8 day roast agaves are crushed by wood mallet and given a 25 day natural fermentation. Then twice distilled on Clay Pot stills.

Rosario Ángeles Vásquez
Although she was born and raised in the extremely popular clay-pot town of Santa Catarina Minas, Rosario has no maestros of whom to follow suit with in her family. Her decision to make mezcal was completely her own, and came after leaving a career as an English teacher when she decided she preferred being out in nature more than grading papers. Despite all the controversy a first generation maestra with no experience actually making mezcal herself stirred up both within her family and the community, Rosario had her palenque built in just three months. As if being a young, inexperienced, female producer wasn’t enough adversity for the new business owner, Rosario’s first distillation happened to be timed perfectly with a pandemic! Seemingly unfazed and totally committed, Rosario has continued on and is now 10 distillations into her career.

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