Sangiovese Anfora Tïn


100% Sangiovese. Silvio has two separate properties: both are in the San Casciano zone of Chianti Classico but are at opposite ends of it about 18 k. apart and quite different in nature. The original family-owned vineyard, generally referred to as "Montesecondo", is the lower-altitude, warmer, more-clay-soiled one in the town of Cerbaia and has been farmed organically for decades. The second is a higher-altitude, cooler, limestone-rich long-term rental in Vignano at about 500m and converted fully to biodynamics from organics by Silvio. A greater proportion of the fruit for the Sangiovese Tïn comes from the latter, which tends to yield higher-toned, higher-acid wines. The grapes are hand-harvested in absolutely perfect health, a necessity since they are destemmed and put straight into Spanish-made, unlined, 250-to-350-liter clay amphorae for 6-8 months, with nothing but their own yeasts and no sulfur. "Tïn" means "clay" in Arabic, in reference both to the amphorae ("tinaca" in Spanish) as well as to Silvio's upbringing in North Africa, where his father had vineyards in Tunisia and olive groves in Libya.    

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