"Scrambled Sticks" Johan Vineyard


Johan Vineyard is located in the new Van Duzer Corridor AVA. The vines are planted on ancient marine sediment, is dry farmed and has been certified biodynamic since 2010. 

Ross on the name of the wine: I felt it necessary to discuss why this wine is called 'Scrambled Sticks'.  This is a happy accident and fun lesson in top grafting.  When you are collecting plant material to top graft, you are essentially just picking up sticks off the ground, which all look the same until they actually bear fruit.  There was a little over an acre at Johan that we attempted to graft to Ribolla Gialla, but inadvertently had grafted ~30% of a second variety, Tocai Friulano.  It also isn't as clean as "oh hey there's a Ribolla plant, and theres a Tocai plant," as most of the vines have multiple grafting points.  We decided to embrace the mistake and pick it all together as a field blend, thus the Scrambled Sticks.  We have since gone back and grafted some cleaner rows of Ribolla by itself to begin to make a single variety white wine out of it.

50% Ribolla Gialla
28% Tocai Friulano
22% Pinot Gris

Winemaking...this should be easy to remember:

16% 9 month skin contact Ribolla/Tocai in Amphora
16% 9  month skin contact Pinot Gris in Amphora
52% 30 day skin contact, barrel aged Ribolla/Tocai
10%  30 day skin contact, barrel aged Pinot Gris
6% direct press, barrel fermented and aged Pinot Gris

Product Line: 
White Blend
Farming Type: