Spätburgunder Trocken Ilbesheim


The villages-level Ilbesheim Pinot Noir from Leiner is a revelation. A terroir-specific Pfalzer wine that combines freshness, complexity and deep Pinot fruit character. Compares favorably and easily to the AOP Burgundies and single-vineyard US Pinots in its price class, and surpasses many of them in quality and sheer drinking pleasure. A standard-bearer for Spatburgunder, biodynamically farmed, thoughtfully made, and stunningly delicious—this wine is a game changer.

Grown at the highest elevation in the Rhine plain upstream of the Haardtrand, a ridge of lime and shell deposits formed 27 million years ago from a primeval sea.

Harvested at an impressively low 45 hl/ha.

Blended from Kalmit, their best vineyard, a lyrically beautiful steep hillside of limestone, and from a red sandstone site near the Pfalz forest.

About 15% whole clusters, vinified completely with natural yeasts in French and Austrian barrels, 50% new, less toasted. 

Aged about 18 months in the wood.

The wine's toothsome sweet fruit quality derives from the sandstone and the warmth of the year; its structural and mineral elements are owed to the limestone. Beautiful Pinot. Just a few cases available for America.

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