Mezcal Noble Coyote is a pioneer in the cultivation of Tobalá, which only 15 years ago was only sourced from the wild.Today most of our Tobalá is cultivated in the area around the village of San Luis Amatlán. These cultivated piñas are often two to three times bigger than the average Tobalá that are now being prematurely har vested from the wild; as a result, Noble Coyote can offer an excellent Tobalá in a sustainable manner.

The Tobalá agaves are ground using mallets and are cooked in traditional floor ovens. Distilled by Don Marcos Brena with assistance from his son Eleazar, using techniques passed down to them by generations of mezcaleros, the cooked agaves are then fermented in traditional open air vats made with sabino wood. The mezcal is distilled twice using copper alembic stills.

Very floral with fruity notes.The nose opens with bacon and fireside smoke aromas, with wood and spice. Smoke gives way to bacon fat, earth, dried orange peel and pepper into a long robust finish.

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