Tondonia Gran Reserva


Tempranillo (75%), Garnacho (15%), Mazuelo and Graciano (10%), all from proprietary vineyards.


These bottles have been lying in the Lopez de Heredia cellars in conditions of high humidity and constant temperatures; the humidity is naturally regulated by mold, which secretes or absorbs humidity depending on the levels.  These bottles naturally attract mold and dust.  Because the wine has been hand bottled and aged over many years, the height of wine in the neck will always be irregular, even when the wine is from the same barrel. Filled, waxed and labelled by hand, the bottle keeps most of the dust that settles over the years. We regard this weathered exterior look as a sign of the age and care that has gone into crafting the wine. We certainly don’t try to hide it, and can assure you that it will not affect either the quality or your pleasure in drinking this Gran Reserva.

Once received, any bottle of wine (especially a Gran Reserva) should be left to settle for at least a week, preferably in a quiet, dark and cool place with constant temperature and humidity (humidity of 70-80% and temperature between 18º and 20º C).

If you decant the wine, let it settle for an hour before serving. Pour carefully, ensuring minimum movement of the decanter. If you do not decant, the bottle should be stood vertically for an hour so that the sediment settles at the bottom. Over time, the cork can lose its grip, so take great care when removing it.  Pour carefully, ensuring minimum movement of the bottle.

These white wines should be served at 16-18º C and our reds at 18-20º C.

95 points
"The 1981 Vina Tondonia Gran Reserva has a vibrant nose reminiscent of coeval Burgundy, with scents of citrus peel, orange rind, singed leather and a Tuscan delicatessen. The palate has a penetrating orange peel and tart cherry entry with potent earthy notes at its core. It is supremely well-balanced with an energetic finish underpinned by crisp dry tannins. This wonderful Rioja is drinking perfectly now and will age effortlessly. Drink now-2020+ "
Neal Martin,
Wine Advocate
, August 2012

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