Verdicchio Castelli Jesi Class Riserva "21 San Michele"

From a 0.5ha parcel planted in 1976 on clay-limestone soil at 350m above sea level. Yields are lower here, 4000kg/ha.  The grapes are crushed and immediately pressed in the basket press.  Fermentation occurs in used barriques. Aging took place in used barriques for 12 months. 21 is the address of the cellar and San Michele is the name of the contrada where the vineyard is located. 1200 bottles produced. 
For this wine and this vintage Ca'Liptra collaborated with the University of Ancona for a study on fermentation.  Some of the juice was fermented spontaneously, while other parts were fermented using three non-Saccharomyces yeast strains: Kluyveromyces Thermotolerans, Candida Stellata, Torulaspora Delbrueckii, which are found naturally on Verdicchio skins.  Normal inoculated fermentations usually contain 1 type of added Saccharomyces yeast, whereas natural fermentations contain colonies of yeasts working (and often fighting) together, lending complexity.  Using these three alternative strains together approximated a spontaneous fermentation.  

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