Vouvray Sec "Buvez du Bon Pinon"


100% Chenin Blanc. This 2020 "Buvez du Bon Pinon" is a very special release from Julien Pinon, in honor of the generations before him. His great grandfather Camille planted the vines from whence Bon Pinon comes in 1945; it is the oldest Pinon parcel, on the black-flint soils in what we now refer to as the "Silex Noir" vineyard. The 2020 was fermented and aged in the oldest barrels in the cellar, originally port wine barrels bought by Julien's grandfather Claude (who is alive and present at the winery today). The striking label is the original from a cuvée released by Camille back in the early 1950's.

Like all Pinon vines, this parcel is certified-organic and worked and harvested by hand. As for all Pinon wines, the bunches were direct-pressed and the must moved by gravity into tank. The spontaneous fermentation in the old port barrels was long and slow in their cold cellar. The wine was aged on its lees for a year in the same old barrels. It is a sec style with 7 grams of residual sugar per liter (along with 4.7 grams of acidity). 

90 points
"Hailing from a black flint-rich parcel, this is the renaissance of a cuvée that Julien Pinon's great grandfather, Camille, once produced. The 2020 Buvez du Bon Pinon is soft with a round middle and is easy to like. It flows across the mouth with a velouté-like texture. This is suave, silken and sashays along. "
Rebecca Gibb,
Vinous Media
June 2022

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Chenin Blanc
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