Borja Perez Viticultor

Borja Perez, a rising star in the Canary Islands’ viticultural scene, loves the land of his native Tenerife. This maifests both in his day job as a fireman, and in his passion project: tending his vineyards and making wine. His primary project, Ignios Orígenes, was born in 2011, when Borja was presented the opportunity to buy Baboso Negro and Marmajuelo Blanco vines. With a deep-seated respect for the indigenous varieties of the Canaries, Borja seized the opportunity. In 2012 he added Listán Negro and Vijariego Negro vines to the project.

The vineyards are farmed organically, the winery is gravity-fed and SO2 level are kept to the absolute minimum. The Ignios wines are characterized by intense aromatics and by mineral and saline qualities that are unique to the Canary Islands. Production here is tiny, at less than 500 cases total. 

His Artifice line is made following the same ethos, but from purchased grapes.ígenes/229394897217180