Julius Ferdinand Kimich

Est. 1758. Franz and his son Matthias, represent the seventh and eighth generation here. The winery's holdings consist of 12ha of vineyards in Deidesheim, Forst and Ruppertsberg, picturesque villages which lie in the shadow of the Mittelhaardt mountain range, and constitute the great winemaking heart of the Pfalz. Soils are a fantastic mix of sandstone, basalt boulders, lime and layers of loess and clay, contributing to the complexity and variety of the wines made here. Kimich produces about 100,000+ bottles of wine a year, composed of dry wine (80%), semi-dry (15%) and sweet (5%). The 200 year old cellar includes large old barrels as well as modern stainless tanks used for the younger, fresher cuvees. Kimich refers to their vineyards as "environmentally farmed to preserve…
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