mourgues du gres

Mourgues du Gres

Each bottle shows the emblem of the sun dial that is on the wall of the winery, with the words "Sine Sole Nihil" - There is nothing without sunshine. For Mourgues du Gres, this symbolizes the maturity and harmony of the wines. The vineyards are located in the Mediterranean on the plateau of Beaucaire where they benefit from both northern and southern sun exposure. The Rhone River is just a few miles away and the vineyards are covered with "galets" the same round flat stones that are famous in Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

Meticulous care and attention are paid to the vineyards. Overall management, crop thinning and pruning are all carried out by hand. Organic fertilizers are used and treatments are kept to a minimum. The vineyards…
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