Carmelo Patti

Carmelo Patti’s wines have something of a cult following with devoted fans in Argentina and abroad.  “I don’t want to [make wine] for commercial reasons,” says Patti, who only has one employee. Patti was an important force for the rebirth of fine wine production in Mendoza in the eighties and to this day is one of the most respected enologists and winemakers in the country. His winemaking style is as unique as his character; no consultants, no manipulation, no pretentions. Carmelo simply does what he does best, and wine-loving consumers beat a path to his door. He defines his wines as “a classic style, a naked wine, without anything that can cover it up,” and he insists on holding all wine until he deems it ready for release which can be 4-5 years after harvest at the soonest for reds.  Nothing you have tasted from Argentina quite prepares you for the complex, wild flavors of this traditional, old-school Malbec.