Andrew Will

“Since day one, this has always been a working winery, with no fancy tasting rooms or emphasis on Disney-like public tours, just outstanding winemaking year in and year out, and a single-mindedness to produce superb, age-worthy wines from some of Washington’s finest vineyards sites. The two original vineyards that Chris started with all the way back in 1989: Ciel du Cheval Vineyard and Champoux Vineyard, are still two of his principal grape sources for his superb, claret-styled reds that must be ranked at the very summit of Washington state wines and amongst the very finest wines to be found from anywhere in America.” —John Gilman, View From The Cellar #47

“Over the nearly quarter-century during which manifestly talented and straight-talking Chris Camarda has been making wine under his Andrew Will label (on Vashon Island south of Seattle) his approach – which has always favored modest alcohol and elegance over flamboyance – has evolved significantly in method as well as in focusing increasingly on single-vineyard expression.”   –David Schildknecht, Wine Advocate

Winemaker Chris Camarda launched Andrew Will Winery (Named after Chris’s son Will and nephew Andrew) with their inaugural 1989 vintage, working out of a humble 60’ by 10’ winery, and he has spent the last two decades producing some of Washington’s most well respected wines. Structured, elegant, and age worthy, they are a singular voice that has never adjusted to chase scores or suit trends. 

Although always a focus, Chris’ attention to terroir has only intensified over time. Since 2001 he almost exclusively produces single vineyard blends as he feels this shows the terroir more clearly than a single varietal bottling. Currently he only sources from four vineyards that he feels provide the finest fruit: Champoux, Discovery, Two Blondes, and Ciel du Cheval. 

All of the wines are treated more or less the same in the cellar; 25-35% new oak barrels, aged for around 21 months, followed by a year of aging in bottle. Production is around 4500 cases.