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    Even Bad Jokes Can Make Good Thanksgiving Wines

    Monday, November 19, 2018
    by Eric Asimov
    Agile, energetic wines that are versatile with many foods are best for the holiday feast. But with delicious food and lively company, it’s hard to go wrong. 
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    Wine’s Sweet Spot Is a $20 Bill

    What's the right price for a bottle of wine? Silly question, I know. All sorts of prices are right, depending on the quality of the wine, the scarcity, the demand and other economic, social and psychological imperatives. Strictly speaking, a wine can be a great value at $10 or $200, though for most of us, a steal at $200 is small consolation, like a $5 million apartment deemed an excellent deal because its price has dropped by half.
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    What's so good about Beaujolais 2010

    "The 2010s are much more typical Beaujolais, a bit lighter in body with less obvious tannin but absolutely stuffed full of the unusually succulent fruit of the Gamay grape, in much purer form than used to be the case when so many Beaujolais winemakers depended on speeded-up fermentations and added yeasts that left the wines smelling of pear drops, rubber and bananas..."
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    Vouvrays With an Element of Surprise

    PERHAPS you have not yet been bitten by the chenin blanc bug and transported to a world of luminous wines made in an astounding range of styles. If so, then opportunity is about to pull a cork for you.Right now in the marketplace are a bevy of superb Vouvrays, many priced gently given their high quality, especially in comparison with those other white grapes of note, riesling and chardonnay.If I sound a tad breathless, well, so be it. It’s simply that chenin blanc wines offer so much pleasure and intrigue, yet are so underappreciated.
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    The Two Faces of Soave

    It’s no longer news that Italy makes great white wines. In the bad old days, the Italian whites available in the United States tended to be insipid mass-marketed brands or campy contrived bottles. But since then, a revival has introduced the world to wonderful selections from the Valle d’Aoste at the farthest reaches of Italy’s northwest, from Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the extreme northeast, from Sicily at the southernmost end, and from just about everywhere in between.
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    The New Rules of Wine

    You chill your whites but not your reds, pair your fancy bottles with fancy food, and skip right past the pink champagne. Guess what: You're doing wine all wrong. We talked to the best sommeliers, vintners, and career winos around to rewrite the book on this fermented-grape-juice thing. And we came up with enough great wine to keep your glass half full till 2012 and beyond    
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    The Mâconnais, Poised for Rediscovery

    The wines of the Mâconnais region of France are nobody’s idea of a new discovery. Back in the 1980s, when I began drinking a lot of wine, they were a reliable source for fresh, crisp, inexpensive whites, and they have remained so. This has never been truer for wine lovers than it is today, when more people have more access to great wines from more places than ever before. Yet of all the world’s wine regions well off the beaten path, none is farther removed than the Canary Islands.
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    The longest of long views on Napa Cabernet

    Celebrated winemaker Philip Togni is gradually handing the reins of the family winery on Spring Mountain outside St. Helena to his daughter Lisa.
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    The Evolution of Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

    CALIFORNIA chardonnays are not nearly what they once were. This makes me very happy. Not so long ago, California chardonnay was thought of by many as a kind of litmus test. Your stance on the wines signified your position on cuisine, culture and, no doubt, politics, religion, the afterlife and the future of the environment. Yes, I exaggerate, but only to emphasize the confounding notion that one’s taste in certain wines is occasionally viewed as emblematic of things far more meaningful... Johnson Family Sonoma ...
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    The Canaries - where vines, and wines, creep up on you

    Question: Where are the highest vineyards in Europe? Switzerland, eat your heart out. In fact, they are on the slopes of the highest mountain in Spain, El Teide, the active volcano that dominates the island of Tenerife in the Canaries off the coast of Africa
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    The Book on Amontillado

    No. 2: Fernando de Castilla Amontillado Antique Jerez Diving into amontillado is the equivalent of committing to a long, complicated novel. You may be surprised, even astounded by what you find. You will almost certainly be rewarded if you permit yourself to be challenged. I feel as if I’ve learned something every time I’ve taken the plunge, though the first lesson always seems to be a rueful reminder of how little I actually know. That’s strange to say, as amontillado is one of the more familiar of the arcane wine terms. It’s been used for centuries to denote a particular style of sherry. ...
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    Tasting Highlights: Vacqueyras

    Outstanding reds and excellent values from an oft-overlooked appellation of the Southern Rhône. Includes Bowler producer: Domaine la Monardière.