About Us

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Company Vision

It's our challenge and our mission to build a company with a diverse portfolio that is focused almost exclusively on small growers, especially ones who employ a non-interventionist approach in the vineyard and in the cellar.  We want to work with winemakers and distillers who have a respect for their land (and their products) and who do not employ a lot of chemicals in their farming practices or use tricks in their cellars. And, of course, we strive to run the company in a way that values our customers and shows it by providing excellent service with a knowledgeable and professional staff.


The company was founded in the fall of 2003 with a small but solid book of German and French wines and two employees. With a few wines, a vision, and a lot of ambition, Bowler began to sell wine to key accounts in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Since then, we have grown to 40 employees and expanded our portfolio considerably, and today we represent wines from most of the major wine regions in the world and work with many of the regions' leaders in quality.  In 2016 we acquired our spirits license and have been adding small batch, hand-crafted spirits to our book, too. And we're still growing: we have developed a strong national presence as an importer and our wines and spirits can now be found in many major markets throughout the country.