Hungary, a central-european country is where the one of the most famous wines, Tokaji, is produced. Untlil the mid-twentieth century, Hungary was the third-largest wine producing nation in the world. Home to many indigenous varieties like Furmint and Harslevelü, the main components of the unparalleled Tokaji Aszú, the "Wine of Kings, King of Wines" is not named so without reason. Nowhere else in the world is it deemed possible to make a concentrated elixir like Tokaj Essencia, which for centuries has been one the rarest and most sought after wines. The unparalelled complexity of the soil and the unique strain of botrytis cinerea combine to create the wonder called "Tokaji", and praises sung for Tokaj in the 1700's still resonate today.Recently, a new, dry Tokaji Furmint has emerged on the market. Produced from the Furmint grape, this dry, crisp, white exhibits some of the same "Grand Cru" qualities as the famed sweet Aszú or Szamorodni.