Ribera del Duero

Home to one of Spain’s most iconic domains, Vega Sicilia, this river valley has a long history of producing some of Spain’s greatest wines. It is inundated with many benefits for its native grape of Tempranillo. The high altitude of 2600 – 2700 ft above sea level allows the grapes to maintain higher acid levels as well as facilitating good drainage. Much of the soil is silt and clay with pockets of limestone, marl and schist subsoils. The continental climate makes for very hot days and cool nights. Due to its intensity of heat, the vines are forced to shut down entirely during the hottest parts of the day which allows them to maintain the nutrients they’ve absorbed from the soils over night. In addition to the beneficial weather, altitude, and soils, many of the cellars are gravity fed and much of the fruit is dropped to maintain high quality wines made from only the best juice.