Ribeira Sacra

Ribera Sacra (Sacred Shore in Spanish) is appropriately named. Imagine the hillsides of the Mosel where some repel down the rock faces in order to harvest at almost 90 degree angles, subtract a few (or dozen) degrees and there you have the DO of Ribera Sacra and the river valley where the Sil and Miño meet. It's so steep here that grapes often have to be taken back to the winery by boat or lowered down the hillsides in gondolas because it's too steep to make it back up! Located inland in Galicia it is about a couple of hours east of Rias Biaxas. Thus, it is slightly warmer and drier while still benefiting from a cool air that settles in this deep valley. It is one of the most picturesque places in the world and the Mencías that come out of it extract the pure slate minerality and high tone red fruit qualities that Mencías with elegance are known for. Yields tend to be low and are mandated at under 77 hectoliters/hectare (just over 3.5 tons/acre).