Producers from La Palma

La Palma is farthest west and the further west you go, the younger the islands are. The last erruption in was in El Hierro in the 1990s, but La Palma had a big one in the 1970s that left behind much volcanic ash on the south and western sides of the island. It is the second highest in altitude behind Tenerife. Due to the abrupt elevation changes, its weather can be drastically different within the island itself on any given day. It is, however, usually the coolest island with the most exposure to the trade winds. Due to it's geographical location, it was commonly the last island for stopping off before setting sail to the Americas back in the 15-18th Centuries. It is from here that the boats would take the sweet wines made from Malvasia and thus it is this island that is known for making some of the best dessert Malvasias though only a few of the top producers still continue the tradition today.