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OremusTokaji 5 Puttonyos
Furmint from , Hungary
6/500 Aszú wine production starts with specialised picking of individual botrytis-affected grapes. These shrivelled grapes are pounded into a paste and stored in tubs called puttonyos, which are then mixed in with a base wine in fixed proportions— in this case, five puttonyos per every 136-litre...

OremusTokaji Eszencia
Furmint from , Hungary
6/500 Only made in excellent years when the harvest of noble berries is particularly abundant, this is an incredibly rich and unique wine. It has exceedingly low alcohol (1 to 3%), as the amount of sugar concentrated in it does not manage to ferment, so that it is not unusual to find 500 or more...

OremusTokaji Furmint Dry “Mandolas”
Furmint from , Hungary
Oremus pioneered the vinification of high quality, oak-aged dry wine in the region, primarily from the Furmint grape. This fresh, crisp wine, with its appealing mid-palate richness and unique spicy character, offers all sorts of food and wine pairing options, notably with Asian cuisine.

OremusTokaji Late Harvest
Furmint from , Hungary
6/500 Picked so late that forty to fifty percent of the grapes have succumbed to noble rot (aszú in Hungarian), giving concentrated sugars and a botrytis complexity. Fermentation lasts nearly a month, after which the wine is aged six to eight months in cask.