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Peillot, Franck Altesse Roussette de Bugey Montagnieu
Altesse from Bugey, France
100% Altesse. Local parlance can get confusing: the appellation “Roussette de Bugey” can also contain Chardonnay, so Peillot adds “Altesse” to the label to emphasize its purity. His vines average 30 years old but get up to 60 to 100 years old and are tended and harvested by hand. Fermentation is...
Peillot, FranckBugey Mondeuse
Mondeuse from Bugey, France
100% Mondeuse. Franck loves this rustic local grape and has vines averaging about 30 years but getting up to 60-100 years old. The fruit is hand-harvested, fermented with indigenous yeasts and aged in stainless steel and enamelled concrete tanks. The wine is of a dense, dark color and  grape-y...
Peillot, FranckBugey Montagnieu Brut NV (2015)
Altesse from Bugey, France
40% Altesse/30% Mondeuse/30% Chardonnay. Planted on Jurassic limestone soils, made by méthode champenoise. Though not vintage-dated, it is always single-vintage (in this case 2015). The high proportion of Altesse and the presence of Mondeuse is unusual in a Montagnieu sparkling--most are Chardonnay...
Peillot, FranckBugey Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir from Bugey, France
100% Pinot Noir. A relative rarity in Bugey. Peillot's Pinot Noir is an old Champagne clone called Pinot Droit, which can ripen in challenging circumstances like this chilly, hilly region. Franck has 1 hectare,  planted originally by his uncle on a flatter, warmer site near the river on stony...