• Michoacán, Mexico

Aconte rum is made in Mexico and calls itself the “craft mineral rum”. It is made in the French rhum agricole style with fresh sugar cane juice (Michoacanas sugarcane) instead of molasses. This tends to make for an earthier, “greener,” more vegetal flavor. The “”mineral”” aspect of the rum comes from the spring water they use from Uruapan. The Blanco expression is bottled un-aged and they suggest looking for light notes of citrus/lemon in the flavor.

Elaborated only with sugarcane honey and sugarcane juice from the fertile soils of Mexico. Aconte Rum has exceptional natural unique flavors. The region of Uruapan, where the rum is produced, is rich in minerals and water springs. They select the highest quality sugarcane and use pure spring water from the National Park, All Their rums are made following the centenary traditions of Michoacan. Their Rum Master, Lázaro Cortes, takes care of every detail. Aconte Rum is produced at Mexican Craft Spirits (near Patzcuaro, Michoacán. Aconte is produced in a copper column with two distillations and is fermented with special yeasts for agricole rhum. Aconte rum has its own registered quality label of origin called “Mineral Rum” that evokes the characteristics of its special terroir.

Charanda is an alcoholic spirit derived from sugarcane, similar to rum. Typically, the beverage is associated with the central portion of the State of Michoacán in Mexico, particularly the Purépecha-populated areas in the vicinity of the prominently agricultural City of Uruapan. Although Aconte shares almost the same characteristics (soil, sugarcane, altitude, water, etc.) as Charanda, it is not produced within the geographic region where it can be called Charanda. Aconte and Charanda is the quality of the prime sources and process. Acontes production is based on the French Style of Rum Agricole, where the main product is Sugarcane Juice. Charanda can be made with molasses and Pilonicillo or (Spanish Style). Aconte rum has its own registered quality label of origin called “Mineral Rum” that evokes the characteristics of its special terroir.”

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Aconte Mexican Ron Artesanal Blanco
Produced at Mexican Craft Spirits, near Patzcuaro, Michoacán. Aconte is roduced in a copper column and has 2 distillations, It is fermented... Mexico

Aconte Mexican Ron Artisanal 3 Year Anejo
Aged 3 years in used bourbon barrels. Mexico