• Sonoma, California, United States

Adele is our premium private label.  One of the things that comes along with working with good growers is the opportunity to take advantage of those connections.  That way we can source fruit from well-known vineyards made, in some cases, by our own winemakers and in some cases by others.  These are limited run wines, never more than around 1,500 cases, often half that amount in total production. 

We taste a number of possible cuvees before deciding what to bottle.  There is no secret here: we are looking for premium fruit in a certain price range.  Whether we choose the highest or lowest price is based purely on the quality. But what does that mean, quality?   Well, we’ve been in the business for a few years and were wine lovers before that. We have a pretty good idea of what makes a wine good: balance, length, acidity, fruit and some complexity.  And it should express where it comes from, it should be recognizable.  That’s why we strive to get top appellation sources for the Adele label. 

Adele is my mother’s name.  She started me in the business.  She is a beautiful, kind-hearted woman.  That should tell you everything.


Image Producer PRODUCT Description Country / Region

Adele Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
There are 500 cases of this and it comes from 2 vineyards -- one in Calistoga and one on Diamond Mountain.  There is a good bit of new oak...
United States

Adele Pinot Noir Russian River Valley
Pinot Noir
The grapes are hand-harvested in the cool pre-dawn hours and brought to the winery for rigorous cluster sorting, followed by destemming...
United States