• Suffolk, England, United Kingdom

Adnams is a regional brewery founded in 1872 in Southwold, Suffolk, England, by George and Ernest Adnams. It produces cask ale and pasteurized bottled beers. Annual production is around 85,000 barrels. In 2010, the company established the Copper House distillery for the production of whisky. The Copper House Distillery sits within the brewery and uses many of the same local ingredients. From the top of the building, you can see some of the best views in Southwold, looking across the rooftops to the Lighthouse and North Sea and beyond.

100% Malted Two Row Barley

The Barley is all grown within 50 miles of the brewery and distillery in an area called East Anglia in the east of England. In some cases, we have been working with the same farmers over multiple generations ensuring the consistent high quality that is essential for our beers and spirits. With plenty of sunshine and a lower annual rainfall than even parts of Jordan, our local farmers grow some of the best malted barley in the world. No peat or smoke.

Fermented using brewer’s yeast, from the brewery.

The first distillation is performed with a continuous column still to produce the low wine.

The final distillation is batched distilled in our 950 litre copper alembic still.

This whisky is aged predominantly in New French oak barrels for a minimum of 5 years, a small proportion on the final product is aged in ex-bourbon casks for at least 5 years as this helps smooth off some of the big tannin influence of the new wood.

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Adnams Rye
The Rye Malt Whisky has been made using rye grown by Jonathan Adnams at his farm in Reydon, just a few miles away from our brewery and... United Kingdom

Adnams Single Malt
Made with 100% local East Anglian Malted Barley, our whisky is handcrafted in small–batch, copper pot stills, then aged in a selection of... United Kingdom