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Batch was started as a brewery by a group of friends, until they visited stateside and decided they could also distill.. so, they closed down the brewery and started making gin It is located in Northwestern England, in an area called Lancashire.
In November 2012 they received their first HMRC Distiller’s License – to say this was a small operation would be an under-statement! Their production began in the basement of a terraced house in Burnley, Lancashire, however with low overheads it gave them plenty of time to work and perfect their recipe.
In 2016 they moved premises into Habergham Mill and cemented their commitment to staying in Burnley. They commissioned a Manchester based engineering company to custom build Adrian; a 165-litre still. Taking their inspiration from their travels, they experimented with interesting botanicals, perfecting the recipe for Lancashire’s first gin.

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Batch Industrial Strength Gin
• Batch Industrial Strength Gin is an overproof gin distilled with unusual botanicals including frankincense and myrrh. This particular gin... United Kingdom