• Montevideo, Uruguay

Juan and Elisa established Bodega Bouza in 2000 by restoring a historic winery first built in 1942 by Numa Pesquera.

Since then the winery has established itself as Uruguay’s most critically acclaimed producer. Grapes are sourced from Bouza’s two estate vineyards in the Canelones region. The 5 hectare Melilla Vineyard surrounds Bodega Bouza, located in the northwest section of Montevideo. The 12 hectare Las Violetas Vineyard is 39 km north of Montevideo in the Violetas subregion of Canelones.

This temperate, Atlantic-influenced climate sees four distinct seasons and temperatures rarely exceed 93 degrees. Each half hectare is vinified on its own before selection for various cuvees.

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Bouza A6 Tannat
Sourced from Melilla, the relatively cool-climate vineyard that surrounds the winery. Vineyard rows in Melilla are uniquely topped with two...