Brisa Suave

  • Minho, Portugal

Every major wine-producing country has an emblematic wine, one that becomes synonymous with its viticulture. For Portugal, one could argue that, other than Port - the fortified red wine made in the Douro - Vinho Verde has been its most notorious export, and usually the wine mostly associated with the country. It is easy to see why: light, easy-drinking, often inexpensive, it is a wine adequate to many occasions, perfect with daily casual meals, as well as at any party as a crowd-pleaser.

Brisa Suave (Smooth Breeze) is a Vinho Verde that has all of the recognizable attributes that made these wines famous, but it takes it a step further into modernity. It is made by an estate (or ‘Quinta’) that operates one hundred percent according to EU standards of Integrated Production, maintaining rational use of natural resources and supporting local biodiversity. They practice organics and are moving towards certifying the entire production in the coming vintages. Both white and red are EVU Vegan Certified (European Vegetarian Union), and both are made using the traditional varieties from Minho: Loureiro, Arinto, Trajadura (for the white), and Espadeiro and Touriga Nacional for the Rose’.

We love that it is bottled in liters, so we can all drink more of it and enjoy its incredible value

Image Producer PRODUCT Description Country / Region

Brisa Suave Vinho Verde DOC
• 50% Loureiro, 40% Arinto, and 10% Trajadura • Fermented in Stainless Steel Vats • 10.5% ABV

Brisa Suave Vinho Verde DOC Rosé
Touriga Nacional
• 50% Espadeiro and 50% Touriga Naciona • Fermented in Stainless Steel Vats • 11.5% Alcohol