Capitoline Vermouth & Aperitivi

  • Washington D.C., United States

We Americans once drank enormous amounts of vermouth, but this tradition was derailed by Prohibition and WWII.  Thankfully a handful of American artisans are working towards a revival of these forgotten potions.

Kat Hamidi began her self-taught vermouth journey in restaurants in Washington, D.C. by experimenting, tinkering and drinking.  With the help of her partner, Peter Pastan, Capitoline was first launched at New Columbia Distillers.

Capitoline Vermouths and Tiber Bitters are made by hand in small batches, aromatized with a series of botanicals with which she aims to create balanced and unique vermouths.  Unlike most commercial vermouth production, the base wines are carefully selected as a critical part of the final vermouths’ foundations.  They are fortified with corn and grape based spirits.

Capitoline Vermouths are now made at Rosemont Winery in Virginia.  Kat is still using her quality wines from Santa Barbara, California and the base spirit is now from grapes.  No Virginia fruit is being used to make the vermouths.  The Tiber Bitters is made at MGP Distilling/Green Hat Distillery by using a corn based spirit.

Image Producer PRODUCT Description Country / Region

Capitoline Vermouth & Aperitivi Tiber Bitters
A blend of bitter, citrus, spice, and ginger. Named after Rome’s great river and Washington’s own Tiber Creek, this Aperitivo is inspired... United States

Capitoline Vermouth & Aperitivi Dry Vermouth
100% AVA certified Santa Barbara Chardonnay fortified with grape based spirit. Infused with 13 botanicals and spices, including artichoke,... United States

Capitoline Vermouth & Aperitivi Rosé Vermouth
Rosé blend of AVA certified Santa Barbara 60% Albariño and 40% Petite Verdot. Fortified with grape based spirit and infused with 13... United States

Capitoline Vermouth & Aperitivi White Vermouth
100% AVA certified Santa Barbara Albariño  blended white wine, fortified with grape based spirit that is infused with 14 botanicals and... United States