Eifel Whisky

  • Eifel, Germany

The Eifel is bordered by the great “ wine rivers” Mosel in the south and Rhine in the east and by the Ardennes mountain range of Belgium and Luxemburg in the west. During Prussian rule it was known as The Prussian Siberia due to its remoteness, cold climate and poverty of the people. Today it is right in the heart of western Europe with many visitors that enjoy a fairly unspoilt landscape and nature. Other than their master distiller and owner, Stephan Mohr and his wife do everything for the distillery,   they hand bottle and hand label all by themselves. The pictures on the label are paintings of the Eifel scenery from art students who were studying at Dusseldorf.

Master Distiller Hendrik uses innovative malt and grain mash bills to create his unique newmake. The aim being to distill a genuine and authentic product, steeped the tradition of German grain distilling. Distilled first in a column still, and then a second distillation in a pot still. The whiskies go into freshly emptied sherry casks, and then the sherry is poured into the next cask—creating a solera system which means that each cask holds sherry that is increasingly more complex than the previous cask. He relies on various wine barrels both new and refurbished from 150 liters to 500 liters. Bourbon barrels play a minor role in production sometimes in the way of freshly emptied peated casks from Islay.

The use the following barrels with the maximum size being 500L, enjoying a various woods “liberty” unlike the Scotch statutory using of “oak only”:
1) brand new American white oak Bourbon barrels (190-200 L) which we usually fill with our own raw rum blends for first ageing reusing the barrels later for whisky maturation
2) used wine barriques (white and red wines max 3 fillings) preferably made from American oak, which we select “at the lorry” when they arrive at our partner merchant in order to be sure there is no sulphur or volatile acidity present, so that we can fill them without watering! (225-228L) 2016 onwards: PINOT NOIR barriques (American Oak) from local producers.
3) various fortified wine casks: Malaga, Sherry, PX, Port, Marsala, Madeira, Banyuls, Moscatel
4) red wine barriques (French or American) being refurbished at a German cooper with new heads of German oak and then being newly toasted over wood fire with the result of caramelizing the remains of the red wine in the barrel
5) refurbished 300L barrels (French oak with 3 red wines) with a new medium + toasting no charring
6) new and used German barrels made from mulberry wood, acacia, chestnut and cherry wood sizes vary between 50 and 225L 7) 150 L barrels produced for us with interchanging staves (oak & acacia) and heavy wood toasting

Non-Chill Filtered and No Coloring Added

Image Producer PRODUCT Description Country / Region

Eifel Whisky Peated Single Malt
100% peated Barley Malt. 4 to 5 + years 80% freshly emptied and refill red wine barriques (mainly American oak) from France and Germany and... Read More Germany

Eifel Whisky Rye
90% German rye and 10 % Barley Malt. 1 year in new and refill 150L barrels with interchanging staves (oak and acacia) heavily toasted, then... Read More Germany

Eifel Whisky Unpeated Single Malt
100% unpeated Barley Malt. 4 to 5 + years 80% freshly emptied and refill red wine barriques (mainly American oak) from France and Germany... Read More Germany