• Minho, Portugal

When “Vinho Verde” comes to mind, many associates it with a white, slightly spirtzy, refreshing wine. While it is true that a majority of wine coming from the Vinho Verde DOC is white, (about 85%) there is a common misconception that its name, Vinho Verde or “green wine” comes from the slight green hue you see in your glass when drinking the young whites. The term actually derives from the area itself, which is filled with lush, vegetation and greenery. What is less known is that there is also a red wine in the region, Vinho Verde tinto, made of the grape Vinhao (also used to make the rose). Similar to their white counterparts, these wines are meant to be drunk young. Some may even compare them to a Beaujolais Noveau as the young wines usually result in a seemingly crunchy, fruity, and bright wine.

“Explosivo” is the red partner to our very own Brisa Suave. It is made by an estate (or ‘Quinta’) that operates 100% according to EU standards of Integrated Production, using natural resources and maintaining/incorporating the local biodiversity. The winery currently practices organics but down the line hopes to become entirely certified throughout production. The wine is also vegan according to EVU (European Vegetarian Union) standards.

Bottled in liters, we are able to enjoy more of this crisp red at an incredible value.

All photos are sourced from Quinta das Arcas .
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Explosivo Vinho Verde Tinto DOC
100% Vinhão coming from the Vinho Verde DOC in Portugal. Grapes are hand harvested, undergo carbonic maceration and are fermented/aged in...