Grazin' Spirits

Grazin’ Spirits was founded in 2017 as a true farm-to-bottle distillery in Columbia County, New York. Nestled into the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley, surrounded by the Catskill, Taconic & Berkshire Mountains, this family farm is home to a small, local, Army-veteran-owned distillery that prepares each batch of spirits by hand using the finest ingredients from start to finish. 

Keith Gibson (on the right in the picture) is the owner and head distiller. An Army combat medic, he served a tour of duty in Iraq from 2008-2009; before that, he had developed a passion for food done right over many years working at Grazin’ Angus Acres, a NY cattle ranch committed to producing the highest quality 100% grass-fed Black Angus beef, as well as pasture-raised & organically-fed pork, chicken and eggs. His devotion to creating the best food inspired a desire for the best drinks to go along with it, and after many months of planning, building, and paperwork, Grazin’ Spirits was launched.
Grazin’ uses their knowledge from over a decade of best farming practices to make and source the finest ingredients, as well as the most optimal methods in which to produce spirits that are clean, local, and most importantly, great tasting.  Every step of the production of these spirits is done locally and with sustainability in mind, right down to the eco-friendly, fully-compostable (even the adhesive), biodegradable product label that isn’t made from trees or petrochemicals... so of course, all of their ingredients are certified organic, including the Viking corn that they grow on six acres of land. Their crops have never been sprayed with any herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers, ever.

The barrels they use for aging are built locally in the Adirondacks with air-dried American white oak; where kiln-dried wood can accetuate the tannins in the finished spirit, air-dried wood adds to the smooth texture of even their youngest spirits. The barrels are charred at low temperatures that release desirable flavors.

This distillery is a true labor of love and we are pleased to welcome them to our portfolio.