I Dolomitici

  • Trentino, Italy
I Dolomitici

I Dolomitici is a group of ten Trentino-Alto Adige winemakers united to support the preservation and production of endangered local grape varieties. The obscure strain of Lambrusco known as “foglia frastagliata” or “jagged leaf” is down to only 20 hectares of this grape left in the region, i.e. anywhere! Named “for Ciso” in honor of the farmer who cared for these particular old vines his entire life, Perciso is hand-harvested from these 100-plus-year-old, pergola-trained vines and vinified and aged in a traditional manner in the Foradori cellar. Annual production is only 250 cases.

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I Dolomitici PerCiso Foglia Frastagliata
100% Lambrusco a Foglie Frastagliata. "Ciso" is the nickname for Narciso, the old Trentino farmer whose vineyard both inspired the I... Italy