L’Acino was started by three Calabrian friends who wanted to make wines in a thoughtful, light-handed manner that is not generally expected from this hot, bulk-wine-oriented region. They began in 2006 by purchasing an older parcel of local red Magliocco di Canino on a steep, windy hillside never been touched by chemicals; they planted massale selections of Magliocco and the white Matonico in 2007. Their farming is totally organic and incorporates biodynamics as well. Their sites are cooler than many, at up to 650 meters in altitude, with varied soils, generally sandy over hard rock, with clay, rocks and iron in the mix. Their Chora white and red bottlings are tank-aged "glou-glou" wines from their younger vines; Toccomagliocco is made from older-vine fruit. This trio's chosen name "acino" means simply "grape" in Italian and is indicative of the elemental focus of their project on the pure expression of local varietals.

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Chora Bianco IGP Calabria
Mantonico Bianco
Mantonico/Pecorello/Garnacha Blanco/Greco Bianco. These are the youngest vines in the L'Acino line-up, planted from massal selections from... Read More

Giramondo IGP Calabria Bianco
100% Malvasia. From older vines on volcanic soils. 24-hour skin contact, tank only (stainless steel and fiberglass). "Giramondo" means "... Read More

Chora Rosso IGP Calabria
Magliocco/Garnacha Nera. Like the white Chora from L'Acino, this wine comes from their younger vines, planted on a sandy hillside from... Read More