Les Vignerons des Vicomte

A story spanning the centuries

The vineyards of La Vicomté are found in the heart of the Languedoc region and it is in this undulating countryside, close to the Mediterranean, that vineyards were planted more than two thousand years ago. These exceptional vineyards are cultivated by the direct descendants of the wine growers of long ago. Their know-how has been acquired over many generations; they are Les Vignerons de la Vicomté.

A challenging territory reveals its varied terroirs

Situated in the historical heart of the Languedoc, La Vicomté territory extends across diverse terroirs. The special qualities arise from the diversity offered by its varied soils; the vines flourish in the hillside plots alongside the river Hérault but also in the more chalky soils like the terraces of the Villafranchian period and the gentler slopes.

A human adventure excelling in both know-how and tradition

Some 30 years ago a group of individuals joined together to create the “Union des Vignerons de la Vicomté” their aim was to blend tradition and modernity along with experience and know-how. Pioneers of a forward looking socio-economical movement, their underlying belief was one of solidarity and mutual aid.

Les Vignerons de la Vicomté brings together producers from 45 villages and some 7500 hectares of vineyards in one of Languedoc’s largest winegrowing areas.

A quality IGP : Vicomté d’Aumelas

The leading producer of this appellation created in 1975, Les Vignerons de la Vicomté work unceasingly on the reputation of this IGP by targeting the diversity, the richness and the quality of their wines.

By blending local varieties with wines that express the character of the terroir, the IGP Vicomté d’Aumelas is a perfect ambassador of Languedoc.