Lockhouse Distillery

  • Buffalo, New York State, United States
Lockhouse Distillery

Lockhouse Distillery is the first distillery to open in Buffalo, New York since Prohibition. Nestled in the Historic Cobblestone District, they produce six flagship and two seasonal spirits. They are dedicated is to producing spirits that are high quality and distinctive both in cocktails and on their own, with a focus on local ingredients. Cory Moscato -- The Master Distiller -- is kind of a wonderful mad scientist obscessed with aeromatics and bitters.  It shows in the quality and balance of all of thier products.

Image PRODUCT Description

Amaro Digestif The tradition of Amari is long and storied. Originally produced as a health tonic, while they are still used as a digestif, they are now... Read More

Barreled Gin Aged in 30 and 53 gallon new char #3 american oak barrels for over 16 months, this gin toes the line between a young whiskey in color and... Read More

Ibisco Bitter This aperitif is distilled using fresh grapefruit peels and coriander. Made from a corn base and colored with the traditional cochaneal... Read More

New York Style Fine Gin A contemporary gin with a very herbal nose; fresh sage and orange peel lead the way, with a hint of cinnamon in the finish and a round... Read More

Revolution Coffee Liqueur This is their first collaboration with Buffalo's own Public Espresso. Filled to the brim with complex roast notes and rich dark chocolate,... Read More

Sakura Gin Seasonal and VERY LIMITED! Traditionally, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and beauty of life. Made using cherry... Read More

Single Hop Spirit Done in collaboration with a different New York State brewery each year, this spirit bridges the gap between craft brewing and distilled... Read More