Matsui Shuzoten

Shioya – Gun, Tochigi Prefecture

Brewer  Shigeki Matsui

Founded 1865

This brewery is tucked away in the Black Mountains where there is an abundance of clean soft water. The very first owner of this brewery was Master Brewer Shioya-Gun for which the town is named.   This master brewer, who learned how to make sake in Niigata, was determined to find the best water for brewing sake in all of Japan.  This quest led him away from the Niigata Prefecture to his final destination in the Black Mountains and the subsequent founding of Matsui Shuzo.   

The importance of the mountain water used to brew these sake is evident by the clean soft, mouthfeel.  The sake range from light and airy to earthy and round, all meant to be enjoyed with food.

Considered a small brewery hidden in the hills, surrounded by forests of pine trees, it is not widely known.   Once it is discovered by sake drinkers, it is a taste you will never forget.  Matsuno Kotobuki has a hidden meaning behind its Japanese context “for best happiness”.   The passion of this brewery is to make people happy and for that concept to shine through in every bottle they produce.