Mezcal Mortal

  • Mexico City, Mexico

Agave spirits have been part of central American culture since 400 B.C. The secrets of handmade Mezcal were first mastered by the ancient peoples of what is today Mexico, who developed ways to express the scents and flavors of different agave species. Mezcal Mortal uses the old traditional methods to produce a unique spirit that captures the history and culture of Mexico.

Mezcal Mortal is a 100% organic spirit, made from mature, carefully selected 9- to 12-year-old agaves and spring water. The agave hearts are placed in an earthen conical oven; in the center, an oak fire covered by river stones heats and cooks the agave at high temperatures for three days. In order to preserve the smoky essences and aromas in the agave fibers, the oven is covered by thermal blankets. The agaves are then ground in a horse-powered tahona, an ancient type of stone mill used by Mesoamerican communities for this process. 

Once milled, the agave fibers are rested in oak vats with spring water to begin fermentation. The result is a low-alcohol blend that is then distilled twice in a copper still. They produce about 25,000 bottles annually.

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