Ooki Daikichi Honten

Yabu-kimachi, Fukushima Prefecture                 

Brewer Yuta Ooki

Founded 1865

At Ooki Daikichi, they take pride in the making of sake with all traditional, natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives, and only sustainably farmed rice.  These sake are made in a very traditional yamahai style, using only the natural yeast that has accumulated over many years.  The resulting sake yields high levels of amino acids and the flavors are packed with umami. Additionally this brewer ages the sake individually until it has reached a perfect balance.   The sake enhances the scent and taste of the food, as well as creating a softer mouth feel.  Compared to other sake, his cooking sake contains 5 times the amino acids, and can be used in a variety of worldwide cuisine.

The region of Yabu-kimachi is famous for a long history of feudal fighting and battles.  The original toji founded Ooki Daikichi with the express interest to produce the best sake possible and to share this sake with the wounded and dying samurai of the battling camps.  He snuck in to both of the opposing camps risking his life to accomplish this mission.

The current philosophy of this sakagura is to make the best possible sake and to spread the essence of Japanese culture throughout the world.