On the banks of the River Duero, Toro is a zone characterized by very hot summers and a complex terroir dominated by boulders.  The climate is extreme and continental, with Atlantic influences: rainfall ranges between 350 and 400mm, and temperatures rise to 40ºC at the end of July and fall to -11 ºC in winter.  The specific climate conditions here—extreme cold in winter and heat in summer, plenty of sunshine, and low humidity—provide grapes of exceptional quality and, in the hands of these skilled winemakers, wines which defy the idea that wines from Toro should be rustic; these are elegant, beautifully structured, and long-lived.

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94 WA, 90 WS
Pintia Toro
100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo), aged one year in barrel and two in bottle before release.