Shinn Estate Vineyards

  • North Fork, New York State, United States
Shinn Estate Vineyards
  • “Shinn Estate Vineyards is one of my favorite Long Island producers. Its wines always seem alive in the glass, energetic and full of pleasure…”

    – Eric Asimov, NY Times

  • David Page in the Shinn Estate Vineyard

NOT AVAILABLE IN MANHATTAN OR BROOKLYN (Must buy direct from the winery)

Shinn Estate Vineyards’s first harvest was in 2002, but the winding road goes back much further. David Page and Barbara Shinn met in 1988 in San Francisco where she had just received her Masters of Fine Art degree and he was working as a chef. In the early 90’s they moved to New York to open one of the first farm to table restaurants on the east coast, Home. The restaurant focused on local ingredients and New York state wines. After opening a few more ventures they purchased land in Mattituck on Long Island in 1998. IN 2000 they planted 20 acres of vines and built a winery on the property, now the home of Shinn Estate Vineyards.

Now 25 acres, the vineyard is farmed following biodynamic and organic principles (though not certified) and teeming with life: rabbits, birds, insects, and their own honey bees. In 2012 they helped create the Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing program, under which they are also certified. Since 2010 the winery has been entirely powered by wind and solar energy. The wines are fermented using only native yeasts.

For over a decade Shinn has been producing some of the best wines to come out of Long Island. Age-worthy, and complex, they deliver quality that you would expect from a region with a much longer history. It only takes a few wineries producing superlative wines to establish a region’s reputation, and we are pleased to welcome one such winery into our portfolio. 

In 2017, the winery and vineyard were purchased by Randy Frankel, who has continued with the Paige's vision of sustainable farming and hand's off winemaking.

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Cabernet Franc "Mojo" North Fork
Cabernet Franc
Unaged Cabernet Franc, bottled 3 months after the completion of primary and malolactic fermentation: bright, fresh, and the perfect match... Read More

Coalescence White Blend
51% Sauvignon Blanc, 34% Chardonnay, 11.5% Riesling, 3% Semillon, 0.5% Pinot Blanc.   

Rose Hill Rose
95% Merlot, 2.5% Riesling, 2.5% Chardonnay. Dry, light and perfectly crisp, this Provence-style rosé is as lovely to drink as the bottle is... Read More