Shirataki Shuzo

Shirataki Shuzo was established in 1855 with the belief that the best sake is made using locally sourced, finest quality ingredients. This philosophy has been passed down through seven generations.  The brewery is based in Echigo Yuzawa Town in Niigata Prefecture, an area renowned for its heavy snowfall.  In spring the snow melts to provide an abundance of clear natural mineral water, which is a prime ingredient for sake. The melted snow passes though a coal seam when running downhill from mountain peaks: this serves as a natural filtration process, which further accentuates the taste and quality of the water.  The result is sake that is easy-to-drink, with a gentle texture, a complex palate with a hint of sweetness, and light aroma.

Image PRODUCT Description Country / Region Region Materials
DB2073-NV Nigori no Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Junmai Ginjo Rice
This inviting unfiltered sake has a rich even chewy texture full of melon, ripe pear, cotton candy and an intriguing mid-palate that... Read More

Uonuma Noujun Junmai Rice
Made of Yamadanishiki rice, polished to only 80%, and aged for 2 years, this sake reflects its name “Noujun” meaning rich.  Dry and lean in... Read More

Nama no Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi This unpasteurized sake is exciting and lively with a nose full of citrus, apple blossom and shizo. The palate is equally as bold featuring... Read More