Teerenpeli Distillery

  • Lahti, Finland
Teerenpeli Distillery

Family owned Teerenpeli Distillery was established 2002. Owned by Anssi (CEO) and Marianne Pyysing It was situated in the same building with Restaurant Taivaanranta in the city centre of Lahti, Finland. The larger main Teerenpeli Distillery is located with the brewery outside Lahti City center. Established in 2015 this largest distillery in Finland produces up to 160 000 litres per year.

Teerenpeli uses traditional pot-stills, handmade in Scotland. The spirit is matured in oak casks for at least three years, as required by law. At the moment different sizes of sherry, bourbon, port and rhum casks are used. These casks come directly from Scotland, USA, Spain and Portugal.

Teerenpeli Whisky has got character of its own from the best lightly peated Finnish malt and fresh ground water.
The water used in the production: we use clear and fresh local ground water, which is filtered through the Salpausselkä esker, a gravel ridge, formed by the ice age about 10 000 years ago.

To produce our lightly peated new make (5 ppm) we use 87% pilsner malt and 13%, heavily peated malt. 
Pilsner malt comes from local malting company in Lahti, Finland. The malting barley used is grown within 150 km of Lahti. Heavily peated malt comes from Scotland and is dried (kilned) with Scottish peat. Wort is fermented with special whisky yeast for 72 hours and the end product (wash) is around 8% ABV. Copper pot stills produced by Forsyths (Scotland) for Teerenpeli ’s own design specifications are used for the distillation. The distillery operates 3 000 l wash still and 2 x 900 l spirit stills. These are also heated with our own wood pellet burner.

All Teerenpeli whisky casks are matured minimum of 3 years in the casks as required by the EU. Forty foot ex-reefer sea containers are used mainly for maturation. No heating or cooling is used, which lets the Finnish weather affect the maturation.