Anna Harlow

AR/AP Assistant

Anna grew up in Michigan—the mitten state to all Midwesterners—and graduated from Albion College with a bachelor’s degree in Art, with a minor in Art History. During a semester in college, she interned in NYC in the photography department at Saturday Night Live; after that experience, she made it her mission to move back to the Big Apple, where she found David Bowler Wine, or as she likes to think of it, David Bowler Wine found her! She had little wine knowledge, and even after 10 years here is still scared of German wine names (but seriously, who isn't? Monziger Frühlingsplätzchen??!?!?!) Fortunately, the closest she needs to get names like Koehler-Ruprecht Riesling Spätlese Trocken Saumagen is when pouring a glass of one after a long day of helping to keep the business side of the company running smoothly... which she does with a friendly, cheerful attitude that brightens everyone's day. None of us can imagine the office without her.